Apr 10

A New Direction: What’s Happening at Lev

Benjamin Franklin said, “when you're finished changing, you're finished.” Levementum (Lev) has seen many changes recently, but we've always been a company strategically aligned to the next important step, that ensures continued success for ourselves, our customers and our customer's customer. Who doesn't like win-win-win relationships? When you're finished... read more →
Mar 01

Journey Builder or Automation Studio: Which Do We Choose?

Both Journey Builder and Automation Studio are powerful tools that Marketing Cloud customers have access to. However, it’s oftentimes confusing to determine when it’s appropriate to use one versus the other. Luckily, both Automation Studio and Journey Builder do serve unique purposes – it’s just a matter of figuring... read more →
Feb 19

[Press Release] Lev Announces Headquarter Move to Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS, IND. (February 19, 2019) — Lev, a marketing technology consultancy that provides implementation, strategy, and support for companies who use Salesforce products is excited to announce their new headquarters in Indianapolis, Ind. The company was previously headquartered in Chandler, Ariz. Lev welcomed community members including Indianapolis Mayor Joe... read more →
Feb 12
Jan 10

Website Accessibility: Remove Barriers for Your Site Visitors

Having an accessible website means that you are removing barriers that prevent interaction with your website by people with disabilities. Those disabilities might include sight impairment, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and hearing impairment. When your site is designed and developed correctly to comply with accessibility standards, all users will... read more →
Dec 15

Getting Started with Preference Centers

Preference centers can significantly help businesses cater to a customer’s individual needs and interests when implemented correctly. It’s important to have a basic understanding in order to identify if a preference center is right for you. Preference Center Defined A Preference Center allows customers to set and adjust their... read more →
Dec 12

Understanding AI in Commerce to Engage Your Customers

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with maintaining new features required inside your business that are also continuously expanding sales and building relationships with your customers? In the dynamic world of e-commerce it used to be enough for a site’s content to simply be searchable– Can... read more →
Dec 11

Holiday Checklist for Commerce Sites: Returns

Like clockwork, as part of the gift-giving season comes the gift-returning season. While the hope is that returns will not happen, it is an unavoidable circumstance of holiday commerce. Gifts may be given to someone who is unfamiliar with a retailer – therefore making a return the customer’s first interaction... read more →
Dec 01

Holiday Checklist for Commerce Sites: Last Shipping Day

Have you ever thought about improving how you handle the last day of shipping before heading into the holidays, to give your customers a more seamless experience? Different retailers have different requirements for processing orders and utilize different default shipping methods, this date differs between sites which makes it... read more →
Nov 29

Preference Centers 101: Customer Marketing Solutions

A major part of building relationships with your customers, is setting the tone for interactions with the communications tools you implement within your organization. While it may seem basic to consider allowing your customers to select the desired frequency, content and communications they receive; it is in fact, an... read more →