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Lev is the most influential marketing-focused Salesforce consultancy in the world, and investing in our talent is critical to our success.

Next Lev is an accelerated development experience spanning 6-8 weeks, focused on providing participants experience in Salesforce consulting and preparing them for their careers at Lev.

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What you will learn:

The Next Lev program is designed to train participants on the critical skillsets that make a successful consultant at Lev. Regardless of background or experience, the goal of Next Lev is to give participants the foundational knowledge needed to help our customers maximize their investment in Marketing Cloud.

At its core, Next Lev is a launch pad to get participants into the right role, ensure they have what it takes to be successful, and most importantly – enable a culture of continuous learning. 

  • Lev and the Salesforce ecosystem
  • SQL, HTML/CSS, and additional languages
  • Marketing Cloud configuration including how to build campaigns, customer journeys, and automated tasks
  • Consulting and project management essentials
  • Digital marketing fundamentals
  • Customer relationship management
  • Data analysis

What you will do:

Upon graduating from Next Lev, participants will be placed in customer-facing roles at Lev – often as Solution Architects, Technical Specialists, or Project Managers.

Participants will go on to play a critical role within Lev, serving as a customer consultant that provides prescriptive and hands-on guidance on Salesforce-related services for our customers – including implementations, migrations, managed programs, creative and campaign services, and ongoing technical support.

Next Lev graduates will go on to provide cloud-specific product expertise, lead customers through guided projects that meet their business needs, and teach them how to best leverage the platform in the future.

Who should apply:

First and foremost, the ideal candidate will be an enthusiastic and personable candidate who demonstrates our core values. However, due to the competitive nature of the program, we also prefer candidates who possess the following traits.

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience.
  • Technical aptitude. Any experience coding, working with data, writing excel formulas, etc. counts. If you can do that, you can learn the languages.
  • Answer seekers. someone who asks lots of questions, wants to understand the details, know how things work, doesn’t take anything at face value, etc.
  • Someone who is personable, friendly, and can carry on a conversation.
  • Someone who is intelligent and confident, but doesn’t have an ego.
  • Most importantly, someone with a passion for being at Lev and for what we do. You have to be interested in Marketing and in helping marketers.


Yes. The Next Lev program is a full-time, salaried role at Lev.

All Next Lev participants who successfully complete the program will be transitioned into customer-facing, technically-focused roles at Lev.

Yes! We hire people from all types of backgrounds for Next Lev. This includes recently graduated students, but it also includes career changers or people from within the Salesforce ecosystem who have not had any previous experience within Marketing Cloud.

Aside from recently graduated students, previous cohorts have come from Master’s Degree programs, regional training programs also within the Salesforce ecosystem, local leadership development programs, or other technical roles.

Woo! We offer the program in both the summer and winter of every year, typically with January and June start dates. Applications will open around March and October each year.

Qualified candidates will go through a multi-step interview process which typically includes phone screens with our Talent team, completing the Predictive Index assessment, and participating in an onsite interview with several Lev team members.

For starters, you should definitely check out our Glassdoor page, then head on over to our Instagram and LinkedIn company profiles.

Levsters like to use the hashtag #LevLife when posting about their experiences, so you’re sure to get some more insight there, too.

Lastly, don’t forget to explore our website, including our careers page.

We offer two different opportunities throughout the year to apply to Next Lev.

For the January start date, applications will be open from October through November.

For the June start date, applications will be open from February through March.

Check back on our website during these windows for the posting, or sign up to receive an email notification when postings go live.

Currently, the program takes place onsite in our Indianapolis office. However, program participants may be able to work remotely following successful completion of the program.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer relocation or additional financial assistance for candidates interested in the program.

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