The goal of having meaningful 1:1 engagements with your customers is more attainable than ever—and nowadays, your customers demand it.

According to a recent global survey done by Salesforce, 75% of customers expect companies to use these new technologies to create better experiences. However, according to the same survey—only 51% of customers say that companies generally meet their expectations.

Powered by Interaction Studio™

Interaction Studio is Salesforce’s leading real-time personalization and interaction management solution. With Interaction Studio, marketers are able to collect, analyze and respond to user behavior in real time across web, mobile, and email.

Lev is proud to be a leading Interaction Studio partner globally, and we are proud to be the go-to strategic partner for Interaction Studio customers.

We will help you make the most out of Interaction Studio, supporting you throughout the entire process from ideation to implementation. 

We’ll also identify your known and unknown audience sources, implement Interaction Studio to drive personalization, and engage your audience at the right place and the right time

Leverage the power of Interaction Studio



Use Interaction Studio to capture and store real-time data, including anonymous prospect data, identify browsing behaviors, and build more accurate customer profiles. You can also catalog all products and content to power machine-learning recommendations, and connect external data sources for a true, 360-degree of your customer.



Using the data captured by Interaction Studio, you can predict your customer’s next move—and better yet, guide them towards the next best action. Leveraging real-time insights, Interaction Studio does the heavy lifting for you, and helps provide key recommendations and keep customers engaged. The best part is that marketers can refine their processes, content, and messaging as they go.



Interaction Studio will provide AI-powered recommendations to your customers based on their behavior, and help guide them where they want to go. The power of Interaction Studio extends across channels, enabling marketers to provide truly omnichannel personalized experiences, and help you meet customers where they are.



A leading retailer of commercial cleaning products was struggling with a personalization tool that made them feel like they were operating with a black box—no visibility, no control, and no ability to make refinements on their own. Looking for a tool that would give them full ownership over their customer experience, they decided to implement Interaction Studio.

As existing Marketing Cloud customers, they were able to use Interaction Studio as a key driver of a truly omnichannel, unified customer experience, powered by a fully integrated solution across the Salesforce platform.

The Lev team helped create several customer interactions for them—including an email capture pop-up on the website, and a unique code generation page hosted in Marketing Cloud to feed the coupons to Interaction Studio in real-time. Additionally, Lev also built several audiences and subsequent journeys for abandoned carts, abandoned browses, abandoned categories, and created an email template with open-time optimization.

Lev was able to help stand all of these assets up in under 60 days—providing near immediate time-to-value, and was also able to provide recommendations to help the team think about their long-term personalization strategy.

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