Here at Lev, we have developed a proprietary product suite known as Campaign Studio for Marketing Cloud migrations, designed to maximize value while minimizing effort.

We live and breathe Marketing Cloud at Lev, and have contributed to thousands of projects with the world’s largest brands across verticals. We know Salesforce inside and out, and find deep satisfaction in helping our customers leverage the platform to its fullest.


This proprietary deployment management tool simplifies and modernizes your campaign deployment process to save time and eliminate errors. What takes a typical team 45 minutes to complete is now reduced to less than 1 minute.

Your days creating data extensions, folder structures, queries, send definitions, and emails are officially over.


Marketing Cloud is built to scale and evolve for the future as customer’s demands change. However, migrating to update instances can be a daunting process for many customers.

Campaign Studio: Migrate makes these migrations easy, fast, and cost effective for customers who are ready to level up their account – and no longer have to worry about losing all of the assets they’ve worked so hard to build on their legacy platform. This includes emails, images, queries, data extensions, lists, content, and automations… just to name a few. 


Campaign Studio: Publish allows teams to move any asset in your SDLC process from lower-environment BUs to higher-environment BUs programmatically.

This ensures all configurations and code bases are replicated as expected without any manual intervention.


Campaign Studio: Monitor offers real-time monitoring of events within Marketing Cloud both in and outside the platform – including API sends that may not be working like you expect them to.

This proactive monitoring tool gives you the peace-of-mind knowing those critical processes are running smoothly that should be set and forget.

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