We want your messages to make an impact. Our Paid Media team will help you make it happen.

Set it and forget it isn’t a winning strategy when it comes to paid media. Our Strategic Services team combines technical skills with digital advertising expertise to maximize the impact of paid campaigns. 

We leverage the power of Datorama, Audience Studio and Ad Studio combined with a personal approach to managing campaigns to ensure our customer’s paid efforts are achieving the expected reach, relevance, and recognition needed to be successful.

Sophistication and optimization to your paid campaigns.

Sophistication and optimization to your paid campaigns.

Leveraging the power of Datorama, Ad Studio, and Audience Studio will ensure your digital campaigns are hitting the mark.

A winning combination of digital and product expertise.

A winning combination of digital and product expertise.

Lev brings together the paid media expertise of a tenured digital agency with a deep technical understanding of the Salesforce product.

A dedicated team to your campaign goals.

A dedicated team to your campaign goals.

Our Lev paid media team is laser-focused on the success of your digital campaigns, ensuring they’re always up to date and educated on the latest digital trends.

For any customer looking to maximize their digital marketing spend, pair that with Lev’s paid media services and see a winning combination that will have a strong impact on digital marketing performance.



A commercial bank on the East Coast had a comprehensive paid media strategy with a previous agency that was not producing results. Looking for new solutions to drive their business forward with paid media, the bank turned to Lev to evaluate their existing campaign performance and recommend a new strategy, while also implementing Audience Studio and Datorama and maximizing their use of Ad Studio.

After performing an end-to-end campaign analysis across all paid channels, Lev discovered that most of the existing campaigns from the past agency partner were inaccurately optimized or weren’t reflective of the bank’s overall business goals. Lev provided a plan to fix existing campaigns, eliminate underperforming campaigns, and provide a comprehensive go-forward strategy for new campaigns that lined up with business goals. The new strategy leveraged Audience Studio’s ability to automate the segmentation process, Ad Studio for first-party retargeting, and Datorama to visualize the impacts from performance and spend across channels.

Through reconfiguring, adjusting, and optimizing their paid media strategy and execution, there was an immediate ROI for legacy campaigns.  The cost per customer acquisition almost immediately dropped by 43%. The bank’s marketing team was also able to give greater insight into ad performance to their executive team through Datorama visualizations and provide an actionable strategy that lined up with Executive goals. As the company continued to iterate on the strategy and execute upon their new strategy, they were able to continue to decrease the cost per customer acquisition by 68%, and saw a 300% increase in conversions.

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