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Whether in-venue or out of venue, or online or offline, sports + gaming companies have the exciting opportunity to connect with their fans like never before. From better payment and support experiences, to having the ability to curate truly unique interactive experiences and cultivate a community of fans, top sports + gaming companies are truly innovating on what it means to take the fan experience to the next level. At Lev, we’ve worked with the best of the best when it comes to our sports + gaming customers. We have experience in the following areas:

  • NBA, NFL, MLB, and MLS teams
  • Collegiate sports
  • Online gaming and esports
  • Ticketing
  • Sports streaming
  • Video games
  • Casinos
  • Consumer goods + apparel
  • Entertainment venues

What Our Sports + Gaming Customers Are Saying đź’ś

Lev is the best – so, so organized, easily accessible and flexible with changes. The team has been great with the technical side and seem to really think outside of the box with our unique structure. They are also readily accessible when unforeseen issues arise. They know their stuff – and give us ideas on how we can better use SFMC. So glad we made the switch to Lev – we’ve been thoroughly impressed so far!- National Member Organization for College Athletics
I have never worked with a better consulting company than Lev. Every single person at your company is so knowledgeable and committed. In addition to that they are all so personable and fun to work with. I can not say enough nice things about every individual person we have worked with or the company as a whole.- Sports Media Company
I have worked with Lev on several projects over the last couple of years. No matter how big or small the project Lev is organized, efficient, and went above and beyond to ensure that the project gets completed on time and on budget.- National Gaming Brand
Lev was the only choice, we could have never done it without you.- NYC-Based Sports + Entertainment Venue

Opportunities + Trends

Cultivating end-to-end experiences

Cultivating end-to-end experiences

The fan experience doesn’t just stop when a fan leaves the venue or signs offline. Sports + gaming companies are rapidly expanding their touchpoints with their fans, from fostering online communities, capitalizing on the expansion of mobile, providing improved support offerings, and creating immersive and interactive experiences for their fans that keep them engaged 24/7. By creating a truly integrated business, sports + gaming companies are monitoring, influencing, and mastering the fan experience like never before.

Making every fan feel like the MVP

Making every fan feel like the MVP

By creating a unified data source and a seamlessly integrated business, sports + gaming companies have the opportunity to make every fan feel like a MVP. Whether you’re a sports + entertainment venue who enables your food and beverage teams to know the customer’s name who’s placing their order, or gives your sales team the information they need to have a truly meaningful conversation with a fan about suites and sponsorships, or an esports brand who rewards your top betters with special perks—the need for streamlined processes, integrated business, unified data, and personalized experiences are all striving toward one thing: leveling up the fan experience.

Winning at personalization

Winning at personalization

Sports + gaming companies have access to fan data like never before—and what’s more important than ever is mastering your data to create truly personalized experiences for your fans. Whether it’s segmenting campaigns based on location (hometown fans vs. faraway fans), creating journeys based on what level a player is at in your game, or cross-promoting experiences to new fan bases, the ability to personalize your message, your medium, and the overall experience is a key play for all organizations looking to level up the customer experience. 

Getting social with fans

Getting social with fans

Social networking is fundamentally changing the way sports + gaming industries interact with their fans—for the better. Leading online gaming companies are focusing on making their games social experiences by harnessing the power of social media, while professional sports teams and venues are leveraging social listening to respond to and engage with fans in real time.



A leading sports + entertainment organization that oversees marketing for a live event venue and two professional sports teams set their sights on becoming the “fieldhouse of the future.” This would be accomplished by creating encompassing digital experiences—in venue and out of venue—and focusing on process improvement for their internal teams.

By integrating their Marketing Cloud account with Ticketmaster, they were able to capitalize on a critical data source to create more engaging experiences with their fans.

First, they implemented a ticket renewal journey to notify a sales team members when a top fan has not renewed their season tickets to follow up with. They also focused on maturing their Social Studio and Mobile capabilities for improved automation, omnichannel communications, and social listening. 

Through these improvements, they’re able to communicate with their fans like never before via personalized journeys, surveys, and through social media. Their improved automation capabilities for ticket renewals vastly increased their amount of renewals and reduced their time spent on executing the campaign by 70%.

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